5 Best Smartphone Jobs: Make Money By Complete Online Tasks

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5 Best Smartphone Jobs: Did you know that you can earn money just by playing online games? Yes, making money online is more fun than ever. If you love online games and have played and won these games online, then you should consider playing and making money to do what you love.

Here are some companies you should consider. They pay you to perform various tasks, such as researching the phone market, surveying, installing apps, or taking pictures with your phone.

5 Best Smartphone Jobs That Really Pay

5 Best Smartphone Jobs That Really Pay
5 Best Smartphone Jobs That Really Pay

1) Gigwalk

This tool is available on Android and iOS phones. Gigwalk rewards you for simple tasks such as delivery, clandestine shopping, testing multiple cell phones, and even taking pictures.

You can earn up to $ 3 or $ 90 for a job. This, of course, depends on your positive feedback and experience with the app. Also, if you live in a big center, you will have more opportunities to earn money.

To download the app, go here or find other ways to make money with your smartphone.


If you like to take pictures on your smartphone, why not do what you want and not make money from it again. It’s not a full-time job, but it’s a good way to use your cell phone to earn extra money. All you have to do is download the Foap app to your phone and upload your photos and videos to the app.

Great brands and people can buy your photos and you get a 50 percent discount wherever your photos are sold.

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3) Mobee APP

With the Mobee app, you get paid every time you eat, when you take an online survey, and when you participate as an anonymous seller. Points are awarded and 100 points are equal to $ 1 and you can complete as many tasks as you want. You can cash your points as gift cards or via Paypal.

4) Field Agent

The Field Agent app is very similar to the Gigwalk app and is an easy way for you to make quick and easy purchases and track brake sales in and around your area. Use your smartphone to take photos and videos, write honest reviews, respond to feedback, or participate in product reviews and comment on a simple app platform.

Payments are quickly made directly to your bank account or a pre-paid debit card. Start here.

5) Task Human

This website is a health coaching guide. If you are a specialist in health and fitness, you can offer users on-demand assistance through the Task Human app.

You can offer coaching services as a yoga instructor, nutritionist and personal trainer. Regardless of your fitness ability, you can get paid for Task Human. Create your own program and work wherever you want.

Although there is no charge on Indeed.com, the average healthcare professional can earn $ 25 an hour. I’ll start here.

6) Task Rabbit

This site allows you to perform various tasks wherever you want. This can include moving furniture, shopping for groceries, visiting the post office, graphic design, and more.

To take control, you need to take a video interview and look back. The summer camp is currently open to the public in several cities around the world. You can see where Task Rabbit works.

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