Adds Google Play Store icon to show chart status change

When you launch the Google Play Store charts panel, you’ll see small icons under the position metric to denote any changes in said ranking. It’s not immediately clear just how far up or far down an app or game may have moved within the app store rankings, but it’s a bit clearer than it has been at any other stage.

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New chart location icons have now joined the Google Play Store, making it easier than ever to track the rise and fall of specific apps on the category leaderboard.

The team at Android Police has identified this option, which makes it even more transparent to see who the real carriers are in the Play Store Leaderboards, as it can be very difficult to spot changes if you occasionally look at the online app store.

When you launch the Google Play Store Charts panel, you will see small icons below the metric position to indicate any changes in the said ranking. It is not immediately clear how far or how far an app or game has moved in the app store rankings, but it is a little clearer than at any other stage.

Adds Google Play Store icon to show chart status change

None of these chart icons indicate the time period used to track an app’s Play Store location, so when they are a good addition, they do not have a very significant context. This option should be available to everyone who is already there, as we now see it on multiple devices. However, chart icons are displayed worldwide.

These visual indicators can really help emerging developers and those in the industry – quickly identify trends in downloads. Right now, as WhatsApp is under serious scrutiny, alternative secure messaging apps have really taken off.

Some other visual changes appear to correspond to this minor change. When switching to specific charts and chart categories, there is a new pop-up UI that provides more visual separation between different sections. It mimics some of the updated UI categories by mid-2020, with smaller icons representing each specific category.

We hope to further develop the Play Store chart trend icons for newly released apps or to include tags for those on sale. Having clear tags will surface new apps and make the browsing experience even better.

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