Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google CEOs Invited to EU on February 1

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  • The Big Tech hearing will take place on February 1 in Brussels
  • The companies will be forced to play fairly with rivals
  • People familiar with Big Tech doubted they would take up the invitation

European Union lawmakers have invited the CEOs of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Alphabet to a February hearing in Brussels as they attempt to clamp down on the powers of the US tech giants.

The European Parliament will inform the European Commission’s proposals in the coming months to force companies to play fair with rivals and face false fines and harmful content online or face heavy fines.

“The purpose of the planned audience is to have an exchange with the CEOs of four global companies to learn about their current business models and future concepts as they face the challenges of changing market conditions,” the companies visited by Reuters sent an invitation .

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google CEOs Invited to EU on February 1

Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google CEOs Invited to EU on February 1

“The event will help prepare members of the European Parliament for an upcoming discussion on a possible new regulation for the digital sector. For all these reasons, we would like to clarify that this invitation is only for the CEO.”

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The invitation said lawmakers were willing to change the date to another day in February or March, yet people familiar with the companies suspected they would accept the invitation.

It was revealed early Friday that, according to the European Commission’s calendar, Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai would convene a video conference on January 25 with the conflicting EU chief Margaretha Westeger.

The Commission spokesperson discussed digital and competition issues with Pichai.

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