What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and How Does Work?

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Learn about BGP (Border Gateway Protocol), the standard used to exchange internet routing information between edge routers to ensure packets reach their....

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What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and How Does Work?: On Monday, October 4, 2021, Facebook became completely offline with respect to Instagram and WhatsApp. Besides Facebook, many other sites were completely offline. Many were quick to say the incident was related to BGP, or Border Gateway Protocol, which they cited, citing sources within Facebook, traffic analysis and gut instinct “it was always DNS or BGP.” It happens.” Facebook is back and has since released a clarification explaining how BGP was part of its problems (and says it works more or less as intended), but all of this raises questions:

What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol)?

In today’s article, we will know what is BGP? In simple language, the Internet works only through the Border Gateway Protocol. The Border Gateway Protocol binds all the networks on the Internet to each other. BGP is one of the systems the Internet uses to guide your traffic to where it needs to go as quickly as possible. Because there are many different Internet service providers, backbone routers and servers responsible for making it to Facebook for your data, there are many different routes your packets can end up with. The job of the BGP is to show them the way and ensure that it is the best route.

Imagine BGP as a group of people creating and updating maps that show you how to access YouTube or Facebook.

How does BGP work?

Each router maintains a routing table that controls how packets are routed. Routing table information is generated by the BGP process on the router based on information from other routers, and based on information in the BGP Routing Information Base (RIB), which is a server-stored spreadsheet on the BGP router. The RIB contains information about directly related external peers as well as internal peers, and it constantly updates the routing table when changes occur based on policies regarding which methods to use and which information to disseminate.

What is BGP Used For?

What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and How Does Work?
What is BGP (Border Gateway Protocol) and How Does Work?

BGP provides network stability ensuring that if one of the Internet paths is down, the router can quickly adapt to send packets through another reconnection. BGP makes routing decisions based on the routes, rules, or network policies configured by the network administrator. Each BGP router maintains a standard routing table that is used to route packets during transmission. BGP uses the topology of the client server to communicate routing information, and the client server initiates BGP sessions by sending requests to the server.https://andttc.org/

BGP routing basics

BGP only sends updated router table information when something changes, and only sends the affected information. There is no automatic discovery mechanism in BGP, which means that connections between peers must be established manually, with the peer’s address programmed at both ends.

BGP makes the best path decision based on the current reachability, number of hops, and other path characteristics. In situations where multiple paths are available—such as within a major hosting facility—BGP policies define the organization’s priorities regarding the path that traffic must go in and out of. BGP community tags can control ad behavior among peers.

BGP in networks is based on TCP / IP. It operates at the OSI transport layer (layer 4) to control the network layer (layer 3). As described in RFC4271 and ratified in 2006, the current version of BGP-4 supports both IPv6 and Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR), allowing IPv4 to continue to exist. Using CIDR is a way to put more addresses within a network than the current IP address assignment system.

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