Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release

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Black Widow is just weeks away and here's the complete lowdown for the new MCU movie

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Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release: Black Widow is finally out in July, releasing simultaneously in theaters and via Premiere Access on Disney Plus. And that’s how long the wait has been—we’d been expecting a Natasha Romanoff solo film for 13 years, and then, of course, the pandemic wreaked havoc on release dates around the world. But we’ll finally see Scarlett Johansson return to the net with Florence Pugh, Rachel Weisz, David Harbour, and OT Fagbenle in just a few weeks.

Black Widow release date

In the meantime, we’ve rounded up everything you need to know about the film, from Black Widow release date to director Kate Shortland’s downvote. There are plenty of teasers and trailers to whet your appetite, as well as a guide to where the film fits into the Marvel timeline. This is just the beginning, so keep reading to find out everything we know so far about Black Widow, the next Marvel Phase 4 film.

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Black Widow release date: more delays

Everything changed ahead of schedule. Originally postponed for May 1, 2020, theaters were closed as COVID-19 forced Marvel’s hand on more than one occasion. Black Widow release date was extended to November 6, 2020, then to May 7, 2021, and finally to July 7, 2021. Not only is the new Marvel movie hitting theaters, it’s also coming to Disney Plus – $30/£20 admission to premiere.

Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release
Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release

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The runtime is exposed, indicating that things can persist. This July you have 133 minutes of Marvel action waiting for you.

Black Widow movie cast

Scarlett Johansson is, in effect, back at Natasha Romanoff. After all, how could a Black Widow movie be without her? But he didn’t come alone.

Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release
Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release

Joining her in the Black Widow cast is midsummer lead Florence Pugh as Yelena, another member of the Black Widow training program. Pugh described his character to Natasha as “like a sister”, although, as we’ll soon find out, there was a lot of bloodshed between the two. Pugh will also return to the MCU in the Hawkeye series, which suggests that he has a serious future under Marvel Studios.

Meanwhile, Rachel Weisz, another new Black Widow, plays Melina Vostokoff. Possible spoilers here, but that’s not all he knows in the comics. There, she disguises herself as the evil Iron Maiden, who is furious at Nat.

Perhaps the hottest commodity joining the cast is David Harbor from Stranger Things. Here, however, he’s swapping out his cop hat for a large shield because he’ll be playing Alexey Shostakov, otherwise known in the comics as the Red Guard. As shown in the trailer, he also wears an ill-fitting suit and even attacks several masked enemies.

As for the main villains of the cut: The film has a Taskmaster, and they control the Red Room, the birthplace of Black Widow. There’s no word yet on casting, although it has been revealed that Natasha will be facing off against a villain who recently made an appearance in the (disruptive) PS4 Spider-Man game series.

Elsewhere, British acting legend Ray Winston has signed on to play an unnamed role in the film, while THR says O.T. Fagbenle’s The Handmaid’s Tale fame also appears in Black Widow. “I played this character named Mason,” he told The Playlist. “It’s really cool, actually, because you know you get that character, like in James Bond you have Q, and in Batman, I think, you have Alfred, and in some ways, I. It seems Mason is the guy who helps facilitate Black’s mission. Widow with all the cool stuff she needs.”

There are even reports of two MCU actors appearing as part of the Black Widow film cast.

First there’s the big one: Robert Downey Jr. Yes. Tony Stark will return almost two years after his departure in Avengers: Endgame. Although there is a little twist in it. With reports suggesting that his cameo was actually an unreleased Captain America: Civil War deleted scene, Stark tells Nat to run away. It also fits into the Black Widow timeline that fits in between Infinity War and Endgame.

Also of interest is the inclusion of General Ross (William Hurt), who was last seen in Endgame but is best known for his antagonist role in 2008’s The Incredible Hulk. He is seen in the latest trailer. Can he arrange The Thunderbolts, the evil Marvel team for hire?

Black Widow movie trailers: watch every teaser now

Not one, not two, but four Black Widow trailers are here, as well as a Black Widow Super Bowl teaser. You can watch the first one above, but if you missed a few, break down the essentials to pick up.

Set before Infinity War, Natasha returns to her Black Widow ‘family’, which includes Yelena, Melina Rachel Weisz, and a father figure: Red Guardian David Harbour. He is seen battling the Taskmaster in one scene, although the main motive in the Black Widow trailer is that Natasha will stop running away from her past. What he hopes to find when tracing the dark history of his formative years is anyone’s guess, but at least it’s a chapter he can close at the end, especially now that we know the Avengers. : What’s going to happen in Endgame.

Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release
Black Widow release date, trailer, Disney Plus release

The net also has a new look: the white suit. There’s also a really cool Easter Egg in the Black Widow trailer. Yelena wore the jacket that Nat’s “brothers” would later wear in Infinity War. Whether it is a tribute or just a memento, remains to be seen.

The Big Game spot may not be as perfect as the previous two trailers, but it certainly has enough to build up the hype ahead of its May release. In it, Black Widow introduces us to her ex-Avengers family, while Taskmaster also takes another page from the book of Captain America, with his signature shield replicated by a mysterious masked villain.

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