Covid-19 news: Trial of covid 19 vaccine uk under way

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Latest news on covid 19 vaccine uk from June 28 until 5 pm – Oxford / AstraZeneca is testing a modified version of the COVID-19 vaccine in an effort to boost immunity against the beta version.

As part of a new trial that began June 27, the first participants received a slightly modified version of the COVID-19 vaccine from Oxford / AstraZeneca, designed to be more effective against the beta version of the coronavirus. The test will involve around 2,250 participants from the UK, South Africa, Brazil and Poland. The modified vaccine will be given to people who have previously been fully vaccinated with two doses of the original AstraZeneca vaccine, or a COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, at least three months after their most recent injection.

“The UK vaccine implementation program has been incredibly successful in preventing hospitalizations and deaths, but we do not know how long protection lasts,” Maheshi Ramasamy of the University of Oxford said in a statement. “This study will provide important evidence as to whether additional doses, including ‘adjustments’, may be needed against new virus variants in the future.”

Meanwhile, a small preliminary study by researchers at the University of Oxford found that giving people a third dose of the original AstraZeneca vaccine increased their immune response against the virus, which contains alpha, beta and delta variants, according to The Guardian. The study, which has not been peer-reviewed, involved 30 participants who received their third dose of the AstraZeneca vaccine at least six months after receiving their second dose.

Other news about covid 19 vaccine uk

The outbreak of the Delta coronavirus variant in Sydney, Australia, has risen to 128 cases. New cases have also been detected in other parts of the country, including the Northern Territory, Queensland and Western Australia. Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison met with state and territorial leaders on June 28 to agree on new restrictions to address the surge in cases, including stricter quarantine rules. As part of the measures, all returning passengers, as well as their close contacts, will be required to undergo a coronavirus test two to three days after exiting quarantine.

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has suggested that restrictions on the coronavirus in England will not be lifted earlier than planned on July 19. “We are seeing an increase in cases,” Johnson said during a campaign visit to Batley, West Yorkshire, on June 28. “So we think it’s sensible to stick to our plan.” Sajid Javid, who has replaced Matt Hancock as UK Health Minister, said on June 27 that he wanted to see a return to normalcy “as quickly as possible.”

The South African government has tightened restrictions on COVID-19 for at least 14 days in an effort to curb a third wave of infections. Under the new measures, all gatherings will be banned and there will be a curfew from 9:00 p.m. to 4:00 a.m.

The global death toll from covid-19 has exceeded 3.92 million. The number of confirmed cases is more than 181.1 million, according to Johns Hopkins University, although the actual number of cases will be much higher. According to Our World In Data, more than 1.8 billion people around the world have received at least one dose of the covid-19 vaccine.

The latest on coronavirus from Live Times Media

Period changes: Thousands of people have reported altered periods after receiving a COVID-19 vaccine, but it is not yet clear if this is a coincidence or could be explained by other causes, such as stress.

The worldwide covid-19 death

What to read, see and hear about the coronavirus

New Scientist Weekly features updates and analysis on the latest developments in the covid-19 pandemic. On our podcast, the magazine’s expert journalists discuss the biggest science stories that make headlines every week, from technology and space to health and the environment.

The Jump is a BBC radio 4 series that explores how viruses can pass from animals to humans to cause pandemics. The first episode examines the origins of the covid-19 pandemic.

Why is Covid killing people of color? is a BBC documentary, investigating what the high rates of death from covid-19 in ethnic minority patients reveal about health inequality in the UK.

Panorama: The Race for a Vaccine is a BBC documentary on the internal history of the development of the Oxford / AstraZeneca vaccine against COVID-19.

Race Against the Virus: Hunt for a Vaccine is a Channel 4 documentary that tells the story of the coronavirus pandemic through the eyes of front-line scientists.

The New York Times is evaluating progress in the development of potential drug treatments for COVID-19 and ranking them for their efficacy and safety.

Humans of COVID-19 is a project highlighting the experiences of key workers on the front lines of the fight against coronavirus in the UK, through social media.

Belly Mujinga: Searching for the Truth is a BBC Panorama investigation into the death of transport worker Belly Mujinga from covid-19, following reports that a customer had coughed and spit on her at London Victoria Station.

Coronavirus, Explained on Netflix is ​​a short documentary series examining the coronavirus pandemic, efforts to combat it, and ways to manage your mental health cost.

COVID-19: The Pandemic That Should Never Have Happened and How to Stop the Next by Debora Mackenzie is about how the pandemic happened and why it will happen again if we don’t do things differently in the future.

The Rules of Contagion is about the new science of contagion and the surprising ways it shapes our lives and behavior. The author, Adam Kucharski, is an epidemiologist at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, UK, and in the book he examines how diseases spread and why they stop.

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