Cricket World Cup league 2 Oman vs UAE

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Oman (OMN) will play the United Arab Emirates in the league match of the 2019-23 Cricket World Cup league 2 2019-23 at Al Amerat Cricket Stadium on Sunday.

The UAE chased 308 runs in the first game of the series. The Omani batsmen did a good job but the bowling alley was disappointing. In the meantime, the Emirates are looking to gain confidence from the first match and finish the series today.

Oman will meet the United Arab Emirates for the first time in the 48th match of the CWC League-2 ODI Championship. Oman is currently at the top of the points table in the CWC Ligue-2 One-Day while the United Arab Emirates is currently in sixth place on the points table.

Cricket World Cup league 2

Oman has played twenty-one matches so far in the entire season of the CWC League-2 ODI where they have won fourteen games while the United Arab Emirates have played seven where they have managed to win four. The two teams played two matches against each other this season with Oman and the United Arab Emirates winning each.

The rooftop of Al Amerat Cricket Ground will witness some of the best batting conditions as we have seen in the last few matches. Things have improved in this competition from a batsman’s point of view but will still be of great use to bowlers and fast spinners. So from the point of view of fantasy cricket it will be important to choose the right group of batsmen, bowlers, all players.

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