Do not use WhatsApp if you do not accept privacy policy changes: Delhi HC

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Accepting WhatsApp's new ​​new privacy policy is a "voluntary" thing and one can choose not to use the app if in disareement with its terms and conditions, Delhi High Court says.

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New Delhi: The Delhi High Court on Monday said that accepting WhatsApp’s new privacy policy is a “voluntary” matter and if anyone disagrees with its terms and conditions, it cannot join the forum. Do not use WhatsApp if you do not accept privacy policy changes.

Justice Sanjeev Sachdeva told a lawyer who challenged WhatsApp’s new privacy policy.

The changes are due to take effect in February but have been postponed until May.

Do not use WhatsApp if you do not accept privacy policy changes: Delhi HC
WhatsApp policy update.

“If you read the terms and conditions of most mobile applications, you will be surprised that everyone agrees,” the court said. “Google Maps also captures and stores all of your data,” the court said.

The court said it did not understand what data was being leaked, according to the petitioner, and that the issue would need to be considered and listed on January 25 due to lack of time on Monday.

The Central Government also agreed with the court that the issue needed to be analyzed.

WhatsApp and Facebook, represented by senior lawyers Kapil Sibal and Mukul Rohatgi, told the court that the petition could not proceed and that many of the issues raised were without any evidence.

Do not use WhatsApp

He told the court that private chat messages between family and friends could be encrypted, could not be stored through WhatsApp, and that the situation would not change under the new policy. He said the change in policy will affect the trade chat on WhatsApp.

An attorney claimed in the petition that the updated privacy policy violates the right to privacy under the Constitution. WhatsApp’s new privacy policy allows full access to a user’s online activity without government oversight, the petition said. Under the new policy, users can accept it or exit the app, but they will not be able to log out.

Counsel appearing on behalf of the petitioner stated that the option of not agreeing to the new policy was given to consumers in European countries, but not in India.

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