FAU-G made in India mobile game, set for Republic Day launch

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FAU-G is said to be based on real-world scenarios and has already been confirmed that the game's first level is based on Galwan Valley.

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  • FAU-G game is set to launch on Tuesday.
  • The mobile game was announced in September 2020.
  • Pre-registrations for the game reached 4 million mark ahead of the launch.

FAU-G, short for Fearless and United Guards, is set to launch this Republic Day. The Make in India mobile game first made headlines in September 2020 when actor Akshay Kumar shared a poster of the game shortly after the Indian government banned PUBG mobiles in the country. As a mobile PUBG alternative, FAU-G is developed by nCore Games, a publisher based in Bengaluru, and is supported by Vishal Gondal and Akshay Kumar.

FAU-G made in India mobile game, the action game, has already been described as part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Atmanbir movement and will also inform players about the sacrifices of our soldiers. The game will also donate 20 percent of the revenue generated to the Veer Trust of India. The game was announced a day after PUBG Mobile was banned in India with 118 Chinese apps.

A week ago, FAU-G made in India mobile game surpassed 4 million pre-registrations on Google Play and expects to receive 5 million pre-registrations. nCore Games says that no other game in India has exceeded 5 million previous records so far.

FAU-G Gameplay and Advancement

As previously announced, the game is based on the Galvan Valley incident. Vishal Gondal had told Reuters: “The game was in the works for a few months and actually the first level of the game is based on Galvan Valley.”

The game, as described by nCore Games, “In the Galván Valley, 17,000 feet above sea level, the aristocratic and formidable FAU-G bravely and unitedly defends the country’s borders and protects its citizens. An encounter with Waiting for them, the one who is going to put his own. Patience to the test. As his heroic story unfolds, force, both physical and mental, is said to defeat the enemy. “

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Interestingly, this game doesn’t mention anything about Chinese soldiers or enemies.

FAU-G made in India mobile game, set for Republic Day launch

“High on the peaks of the northern border of India, an elite battle group protects the pride and sovereignty of the country. It is a difficult task for the most daring: brave and united guards on Republic Day launch. On patrol in a special unit Command FAU-G Join. Dangerous Frontier Areas. Come face to face with the enemies of India as you face hostile invaders on Indian soil. Fight to survive against unforgivable terrain and a trusted enemy. Put on the shoes of a Patriot soldier and experience bravery, brotherhood and experience. The sacrifice of men protecting the borders of the country, “says the list of Google Play stores.

FAU-G Mobile Game: Compatible Devices

The FAU-G mobile game will be available to Android users at launch. Nothing is known about iOS games yet. The company hasn’t listed the minimum requirement to run the game, but looking at the trailers and graphics, we expect it to run on devices with RAM as well.

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