Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO – grey market premium, details in 10 points

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Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO: Shyam Metalics IPO GMP (grey market premium) today is ₹130 that means market is highly bullish on Shyam Metalics IPO listing, say experts.

Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO (initial public offering) The Shyam Metalics IPO (initial public offering) will open for subscription on 14 June 2021 and will remain available for offering until 16 June 2021. The metal producing company has set the Shyam Metalics IPO price at 303 to 306. According to stock market experts, with the stock market at record highs, the issuance of Shyam Metalics is likely to receive a strong response. In the gray market, Shyam Metalics shares are quoted at a premium of 130, indicating a strong listing as well.

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Here are 10 things to know about Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO:

1] Shyam Metalics IPO GMP: Talking about the gray market premium of Shyam Metallics IPO, Ravi Singhal, Vice Chairman, GCL Securities said that Shyam Metallics GMP IPO today stands at 130. This means that the market is expecting Shyam Metallics IPO listing to be around 433 to 436. However, he reiterated that GMP is a public issue. Will change until listed.

Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO - grey market premium
Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO – grey market premium / Shyam Metalics IPO GMP

2] Talking about Shyam Metaliks IPO, Avinash Gorakshakar, Head of Research, Profitmart Securities said, “The timing of this IPO listing is very good as metal stocks are rising and the next 6-8 months will be positive for metal stocks, especially steel stocks. Since Shyam Metallics is one of India’s leading integrated steel metals producer, it is expected to provide good listing benefits to the customers.

Saurabh Joshi, Research Analyst, Marwari Shares & Finance said, “Keeping in mind the adjusted EPS of 21.02 on a post issue basis as on TTM (December 20), the company is going to be listed at a PE of 14.6X with a market cap of 78,055 million. While its counterparts Tata Steel and JSW Steel are quoted at higher PEs of 16.6X and 21.6X respectively. We recommend subscribing to this IPO as it offers strategically located manufacturing facilities and favorable financial performance and distribution. is a major integrated metals producer with network valuations.”

Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO - grey market premium
Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO – grey market premium

3] Shyam Metalics IPO price band: The promoters of the company has fixed Shyam Metalics IPO price band at ₹303 to ₹306.

4] Shyam Metalics IPO lot size: Shyam Metaliks IPO lot size comprises of 45 shares of the company. This means that one can bid for a minimum of 45 Shyam Metaliks shares. Since a single individual can bid for a maximum of 14 lots, one can bid for a maximum of 630 shares of a metal company.

5] Shyam Metalics IPO opening date: Shyam Metalics public issue will become available for subscription from 14th June 2021 and the issue will close on 16th June 2021.

Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO - grey market premium
Grey Market Shyam Metalics IPO – grey market premium

6] Shyam Metalics IPO allotment date: The allotment for Shyam Metallics Public Offer is likely to happen on 21st June 2021. The refund will start on June 22, while the shares will be credited to the demat account of the allottees on June 23, 2021.

7] Shyam Metalics IPO listing date: The tentative date for Shyam Metalics public issue listing is 24th June 2021.

8] Shyam Metalics IPO investment limit: Since a single bidder can apply for a minimum of one lot and maximum of 14 lots of Shyam Metallics IPO and a lot of public issue comprises 45 shares, the minimum investment limit in the IPO is ₹13,770 while maximum limit for a single bidder is ₹1,92,780.

9] Shyam Metalics IPO promoter holding: Currently, Shyam Metalics promoters hold 100 shares of the company that will go down at 88.35 per cent after listing.

10] Shyam Metalics issue type: The public issue is a book build issue with a face value of ₹10 per shares.

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