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Rajendra Choudhary
Rajendra Choudhary
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“Even on Valentine’s Day, I couldn’t tell her what I had in my mind. Many times I thought about proposing to her, but as soon as she came in front of me, I became so nervous. How can I tell her?”

This is exactly what happens to many of us. Either we fear rejection
or we lose our time in thinking when and how to propose, so we never could express our feelings.

So today in this article we will find the solution for this life problem. So let’s get started.

But before knowing the tips to propose, you have to understand this thing very well.

Tell me one thing: what is the difference between love and liking? Suppose you saw a flower and you liked it so much that you plucked that flower from the tree and put it in a jar in your bedroom.

This is called liking. But if you had loved that flower you would have taken care of that flower by putting water regularly on that plant. So before you propose your crush, you must ask yourself this question, whether your feeling is liking or love.

Smart idea1: Make sure it is love and not just liking

In Love, you need to invest time, energy, and attention. Love is not just about taking from people, but also giving and sharing. So you have to look at the current situation in your life.

I mean keeping in mind your present situation you have to decide if you must express your feelings right now or not. Is there something more important going on in your life right now?

If you do not have your priority set, you will get into the relationship by expressing your feelings at the wrong time, and in a few days, you will have another problem.

Smart idea 2 – Make sure you are ready for it

What kind of person would you like to spend your time with? The one who understands you, tries to understand all your problems, isn’t it? So when it comes to expressing love to someone,

it is very important to respond carefully to him/her feelings without judging him/her.

Empathy means understanding the feelings of others, and this is the basis of expressing love in any relationship.

Smart idea 3 – Make sure you have empathy for him or her

If two people face a challenge together, and find a solution, then the bonding between those two people becomes better effortlessly. So if you face a challenge together with your partner or crush and stay together, until the problem is solved, then your partner will easily understand that yes he or she cares for me, and loves me. Because you will find many people by your side in your good times, but our love is born for those who stay by our side in our bad times.

Smart idea 4 – Make

sure you want to be there at bad times too We all face rejection in love at some point of time in our lives, and the pain of not getting that love remains in our minds, even though that event is past today, and to overcome that pain we often want to start another new relationship forcefully, which is very unhealthy. Either way, we should move on to a new relationship in a completely free way by forgiving those past pains and those wrong people.

According to various psychologists, our childhood upbringing also affects our relationship, so you need to know your attachment style by examining the situation of your family in childhood, but how do you know that? For that, you can watch a article by going to the link given in the description of this article.

Smart idea 5 – Make sure you forgive your and your partner’s past

And at last, the bitter truth is that if your crush is not interested in you, then you will not be able to come into a relationship with him or her even if you try your best to express your feelings to her. As Khalil Gibran says in his book “The Prophet”, “Don’t chase love, if you’re worthy enough love will find you”, so instead of asking how to express love it is more important to make yourself worthy of love, and then you will deserve it. So, in the long run, you will not have much problem expressing your feelings.

Smart idea 6 – Make yourself worthy of love

However, this article alone is not enough to solve your problem, we have created a separate love-related playlist on our channel, and you must watch that from the link given in the description, and also watch the articles on building communication skills on our channel.

Hope you will find your love of life, and if you are already in a relationship, may your relationship last a lifetime. Lastly, there is a small request to you, if this article has helped you in any way, please share this article with your loved ones and help them.

And then let me know in the comments below what kind of article you want to see next. Because my only purpose is to help you. More wisdom, more solution, better life!

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