iOS 15 release date, supported iPhones, features, leak and what we know so far

Plus our wish list for the next-gen software

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iOS 15 release is still a long way, but we’re already hearing leaks and rumors about it all, which you’ll all find below. In addition, we also have a good idea of ​​when it will arrive, as well as which devices will support it. Wait for the iPhone 13 to come together.

Below we have also included a list of some of the important improvements that we would like to see in iOS 15, as the latest available version of iOS 14 is not without its problems, regardless of how much it modifies the operating system. Since then, several updates have appeared, slowly fixing bugs and introducing new features.

The major iOS 14.5 update is now out, adding a host of new perks, including a skin-friendly way to unlock your iPhone, for Apple Watch owners only. This is the biggest update since iOS 14 launch, so we probably won’t get anything new before we see the first preview of iOS 15 in WWW 2021.

(And while older phones will keep from the fun of iOS 15, Apple released a small update, iOS 12.5.3, with fixes and security patches for phones as old as the iPhone 5S.)

We will also update this article whenever we hear something new about Apple’s next big iPhone software update, so check back regularly for all the details.

Cut to the chase

  • What is it? The next big update for iOS
  • When is it out? Probably September 2021, following a June 7 unveiling
  • How much will it cost? It will be free

iOS 15 release date

Newer versions of iOS usually arrive in mid-September. Usually they are accompanied by a new iPhone launch, so we can see iOS 15 land with the iPhone 13, but Apple still launches iOS 14 on September 16, delaying the iPhone 12 to October of 2020 , With or without the new iPhone. September 2021 is very likely for iOS 20.

However, when that is the date when the finished version will likely hit the phone, Apple will almost certainly announce iOS 15. The new versions are unveiled at the company’s WWDC (Worldwide Developers Conference) in June, so iOS 15 is expected to be seen at WWDC 2021, which Apple has now confirmed to run until June 7-11.

A developer beta will likely land at the same time a public beta is likely to arrive in the month – so if you’re not a brainchild of mind, you can try iOS 15 for yourself by the end of July.

Of course, when we are talking about iOS 15 here, iPadOS 15 will almost certainly follow the same trajectory. First of all, we will get iOS 14.5, which is going to start in the week of April 26.

News and leaks

The first leak we heard about iOS 15 surrounded its availability. According to rumors, it will be available only for iPhone 7 and later. This would mean that devices purchasing iOS 14, iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the original iPhone SE would miss the new software.

While the source of this information (a site called The Verifier) ​​has a mixed track record, it is a very reliable claim, as Apple usually bypasses the oldest generation with each new software update, and actually expects this It was said that the iPhone 6S can’t even get iOS 14, so there is no dearth of updates over the lifetime of the phone.

We’ve heard the same from a different source, as well, claiming that the iPhone 6S will be the device to recall the next iPhone update of this year. Some will be upset about this, but this is in line with Apple’s usual update schedule.

We are also confident that Apple’s next iOS update will actually be called iOS 15.. References to the next versions of iOS and macOS have been seen in a recent WebKit code – giving us the best indication yet that they will be called iOS 15 and macOS 12, respectively.

Naturally, the WebKit code gives very little as to what to expect from the upcoming version of iOS, but at least it follows previous OS generations with an expected numeric title.

Perhaps most interestingly though, a recent report will introduce a redesigned Control Center for iOS 15 iPhones and iPads, as well as support for dual biometric authentication via Face ID and Touch ID .

It suggests that the new control center will borrow design ideas from MacOS Big Sur, with support for drag and drop optimization, as well as a more compact aesthetic. While the report does not detail any images, we’ve previously seen jailbreaked iPhones (via WCCFTech) using Mac-inspired control centers, and we would expect iOS 15 to offer a similar-looking design. Will do.

For dual biometric authentication – which essentially requires some iPhone functions to pass two stages of identification before unlocking – the report suggests that the feature will be exclusive to the iPhone 13, meaning that Apple’s The next flagship phone will actually come with a much rumored -Display fingerprint scanner.

What we want to see

iOS 14 was a major update that came with a lot of improvements, but there are still many things that iOS 15 can do better.

1. Support for all devices with iOS 14

The iPhone 6S probably won't get iOS 15
The iPhone 6S probably won’t get iOS 15 (Image credit: LiveTimesNews)

Apple supports devices for a long time, so we can’t really congratulate the company when it stops supporting older people, but we’d love to see support for even longer, meaning All devices that have received iOS 14 are also receiving iOS 15.

In fact, then, we are talking about the iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S Plus and the original iPhone SE, as they are on the next chopping block, and are not rumored to actually be iOS 15. We hope they won’t, but if they do it will be a nice surprise.

2. Smarter Siri

Siri gets better with each new version of iOS, and while it’s now very good, there’s always room for improvement, especially because it still arguably outpaces Google Assistant.

Above all, we want Siri to be even better at understanding us, and to give the right and useful answers to our questions. We instead prefer less reliance on web results and more bespoke answers.

3. Extended Apple Maps Cycle Directions and Guides

iOS 15 release  - Expanded Apple Maps cycling directions and Guides

Apple Maps was much better than it once was, and two recent features have improved it further. We are talking about cycling guidelines and guides, with recommendations for things to see and do later.

But none of these features are available everywhere. In fact, at the time of writing, they are mostly confined to a few major cities. Especially cycling guidelines, we would like to see offers as broad as possible. These show you routes that include bike paths, bike lanes, and the like, and allow you to choose routes that avoid hills.

4. A Wish List for the App Store

The App Store used to have a wish list feature that allowed you to create a list of apps and games that you were interested in. This was particularly useful for things that cost money, because you were not sure if you wanted to pay for them. Till now, but still you wanted to make sure that you don’t forget about them.

Sadly, Apple removed this feature years ago, so we really want to return it with iOS 15.

5. More languages ​​in translation

With iOS 14, Apple added a Translate app to its mobile operating system, giving you an easy way to translate to other languages. But at the time of launch it only supported 12 languages, far less than Google Translate and some other rival apps and services.

Therefore, we want to see major improvements with iOS 15. We think this is something that Apple will continue to work on, and new languages ​​may come in well before the new version of iOS arrives, but there are a lot of things to do to make Apple the best translation app on the block.

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