Israel new prime minister Naftali Bennett, unlikely to change stance on Iran nuclear deal

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Naftali Bennett, who became the new prime minister of Israel topping Benjamin Netanyahu's 12-year rule, is unlikely to shed the adversarial stance held by his predecessor against the Iranian nuclear deal, a view shared by the top military and political establishment within the country.

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Israel new prime minister Naftali BennettNaftali Bennett became Israel’s new prime minister on Sunday, leading the 12-year rule of his predecessor and former ally Benjamin Netanyahu and ending the country’s political crisis that led to four elections in two years. Bennett tops the list of priorities as the new prime minister coordinates military and intelligence matters with the United States, and the Live Times Media reports that the country’s Mossad spy agency has not yet been used to sabotage a nuclear deal with Iran. The table can also be released.

The nuclear deal with Iran has long been the subject of controversy in Israel’s political and military establishment. Former Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu expressed his dissatisfaction with the original 2015 agreement, the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, which said it did not adequately protect Israel from the prospect of Iran developing nuclear weapons, and Iran did not cover critical issues such as supporting militias in neighboring countries. … Before the election of Prime Minister, Naftali Bennett maintained a similar sentiment, promising to prevent Israel from acquiring nuclear weapons. “The renewal of the nuclear deal is a mistake,” Bennett was quoted by the New York Times as saying Bennett’s words in the Knesset, Israel’s parliament, shortly before Sunday’s vote.

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Israel new prime minister Naftali Bennett

A religious Jew by birth, Bennett has long sided with Netanyahu’s right, but recently took on the role of kingmaker, partnering with centrist and leftist parties, an unexpected combination that defies controversy in the 73-year-old country. Still, Bennett’s stance on the Iran nuclear deal is unlikely to be much different from that of his predecessor, the Amerian Daily notes, although Israel’s new prime minister may try to influence some of the terms of the new deal, some have refused to do what Netanyahu had.

israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu
israel prime minister benjamin netanyahu

In particular, the Israeli spy agency Mossad turned against the Iranian military establishment because of its nuclear ambitions, even after Joe Biden was elected President of the United States and began negotiations to join the nuclear deal. The spy operation continued. David Barnia, who was recently appointed director of the Mossad, said the Israeli Mossad would respond “in full force” if Iran continues its nuclear program, pointing out that the detective agency was found to be well aware of the officers. Iranian military facilities associated with the nuclear program.

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The report said Israel, under the leadership of its new prime minister, Naftali Bennett, is seeking to reduce its disagreement with the United States over the Iranian nuclear deal, calling it a marked change in the hostile stance taken against the United States during the Obama administration. To do this, Bennett could replace Gilad Ardan, Netanyahu’s longtime ally and current Israeli ambassador to Washington, with his own man, the newspaper added.

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