MacBook Air to get the thinner and lighter; Maybe to get a Magsafe

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Apple recently released a hardware-upgraded MacBook Air to get the thinner and lighter with the Apple Silicon M1 processor. The new MacBook Air is twice the size of the previous generation MacBook Air. However, when it comes to looks and design, it looks similar to the previous generation model.

Preparations to replace it soon. According to a Bloomberg report, the next generation MacBook Air will undergo some fundamental changes in terms of quality and design. There are also rumors that the MacBook Air may also support cellular connectivity, and a high-end MacBook Pro model may also include Face ID hardware, though. The next-generation MacBook Air will reportedly reshape a magnetic charger, or MagaSafe, which was recently included in the Apple iPhone 12 line of smartphones.

MacBook Air to get the thinner and lighter; Maybe to get a Magsafe

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The MacBook Air is equipped with MagSafe charging technology, which is expected to hit the market. in 2022. However, the next MacBook Air will continue to offer 13-inch displays with thinner bezels, reducing the overall form factor of the device. . On top of that, the laptop will also be a bit lighter, which makes it a great device for travelers. The MacBook Air will also have additional enhancements, such as a USB 4 Type-C port with support for Thunderbolt 4 technology.

MacBook Air to get the thinner and lighter

The laptop is also expected to include a 3.5mm audio jack. When it comes to hardware, the MacBook Air will be powered by the next-generation Apple Silicon processor, with improved performance and energy efficiency. The laptop is likely to continue in the current form factor with soldered RAM and storage. When it comes to pricing, the next generation MacBook Air will continue to be priced as high as the current MacBook Air, where the base model is priced at Rs. it’s less than. 1,00,000 in India.

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