PUBG can be banned forever on mobile devices after TikTok

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India, PUBG can be banned forever on mobile devices. So entering this battle royale game in India can be difficult. The Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (MeitY) had earlier this week issued notices to various companies, including PUBG Corporation, regarding the permanent ban. Now it doesn’t look like the permanent ban will end. Due to this, now the entry of PUBG mobile in India has become difficult in time.

According to a report by IGN India, it has been said about PUBG Mobile that this game cannot be returned. The government has no plans to remove the ban on the mobile version of the pubg battleground game.

The report says that there have been changes to developers and authorities, but the game is based in China. PUBG can be banned forever on mobile devices after TikTok. At the same time, according to other sources, PUBG Corporation does not yet have the proper equipment to speak to the government. This source has expressed the hope that negotiations between PUBG Corporation and the Government of India can start in March or April. With which the Indian e-sports team will be able to participate in the international tournament next half of the year.

It is worth noting that PUBG Corporation had said that it will bring PUBG Mobile back to India in a new version, which will be called PUBG Mobile India. Last year, various reports said that the government is not ready to negotiate with PUBG Corporation on the return of PUBG.

PUBG can be banned forever on mobile devices after TikTok

PUBG can be banned forever on mobile

Previously, PUBG Corporation had registered PUBG Mobile India with the Ministry of Corporate Affairs in Bangalore. Later, in response to two different RTIs, the TI ministry denied the return of the game. The IT Ministry said it does not allow the introduction of any website, mobile application or service. Due to which PUBG Mobile was also not allowed.

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The government’s stance on PUBG mobile is not very clear. There is also a lot of confusion in the company. Even Crafton continues to do major hires in India. Last month, Kraften hired Aneesh Arvind as Country Manager for PUBG Mobile India.

She was previously on China’s Tencent payroll. Not just Arvind, many other people who have worked at Tencent India have also been hired. Crafton hired them all for PUBG Mobile India.

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The company is hiring more and more people to manage the India team for PUBG Mobile. PUBG Mobile is still expected to return to India.

PUBG can be banned forever on mobile devices after TikTok

In India, now FAU-G game is also released for Android phones. However, this Indian game is not like PUBG Mobile. This is a very simple game. Which is based on the Galvan Valley clash between India and China last year. The FAU-G game has been downloaded more than 1 million times in one day.

PUBG Mobile India Play on mobile

PUBG Mobile recently concluded its World Championship tournament held in Abu Dhabi despite overcoming many obstacles in coronavirus and network connection issues. Nova XQF won the PUBG Mobile Global Championship for the first time and was the PMGC winner with a total of 4 chicken dinners and 151 kills. The Nova XQF had 319 points, with no other team touching the 300 point mark. Another cycle of Global Championship season 1 is about to begin soon, as PUBG management has already announced its plans for 2021.

However, for India, the long wait for PUBG Mobile to return to the country is only long lasting. There were previous methods where the ban could be removed by downloading a secure VPN app and bypassing geo-blocking by adding a country other than India to play Indo-Pak India. However, the Indian government has decided to ban gambling in the future, making VPN access difficult.

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