PUBG Mobile India Launch Update: Will two new PUBG-like games be launched in 2022

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Krafton Inc, the parent company of PUBG Mobile India, has announced two new games that could be launched in 2022 which are similar to PUBG.

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PUBG Mobile India Launch Update is going through a difficult phase in India after the Indian government banned various Chinese apps in July and September. Its plan to restart the game in the country in March 2021 has been seen as a fatal blow, with the recent government announcement that PUBG Mobile India will be banned along with many other apps like TicketLock. With PUBG Mobile India clearly going through a difficult time now in 2021, attention has shifted to 2022 and if the announcement from the CEO of Krafton Inc. is to be believed, gamers in India will be inundated with this latest announcement in 2022. to be found.

PUBG Mobile India Launch Update: Will two new PUBG-like games be launched in 2022


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PUBG Mobile India Launch Update

In an interview with Bloomberg, Crafton Inc. CEO Kim Chang-Han revealed plans to release two new games that will be similar to PUBG Mobile in terms of battle royale modes, graphics, and dynamics to play. In the interview, Kim Chang-Han has stated that the ‘Callisto Protocol’, a game based on the main sinister PUBG game, could be released in 2022. Also, PUBG and PUBG may be a sequel to mobile. PUBG 2 and PUBG Mobile Title 2. If this comes true and all plans are in place, players will be in for a gala. However, there is a small disclaimer.

These two games will launch first on PC and game consoles. But there is nothing to disappoint mobile device users. The game will soon be released on mobile devices, as well as on computers and game consoles.

PUBG a great franchise?

Kim Chang-Han has also revealed in interviews that he wants to make the PUBG franchise the biggest and the best in the world. The CEO of Crafton Inc. doesn’t want to rest in the surprise of PUBG’s success and instead wants the franchise to build and release more new games.

PUBG Mobile India has been banned since September due to tensions between India and China. PUBG Mobile India released some teasers about the Diwali season, saying that the game would be released around the New Years season and that they were planning a relay. However, in an RTI inquiry, the Indian government denied that PUBG Mobile India was given special preference and that the game was prohibited under Section 69A of the Information Technology Act 2000.

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