Realme to launch 5G phones, 5 smart TVs, and more smart speakers in 2021

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In addition to the launch of Realme X7 India, the company plans to announce several new products in the country, including smart speakers, new smart TVs, and more this year.

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  • Realme to launch 5G phones will be diversifying its product line-up in 2021
  • The company plans on launching more 5G phones and Narzo-branded devices
  • 5 new Realme Smart TVs will also be launched this year

Madhav Sheth, CEO of Realme, has run some plans on the company’s plan for 2021. In an exclusive interview with BGR India, the executive revealed that Realme to launch 5G phones has plans to launch a lot of new products this year, which is no surprise.

The company had a great 2020 and reached new highs in the wearable devices and smart TV segment. This year, Realme aims to become one of the top three smartphone brands in the country. It will launch several new 5G smartphones, including the upcoming Realme X7 and X7 Pro, and more Narjo-branded phones. Realme also plans to release more smart TVs, smart speakers, trimmers, laptops, actually wireless buttons, smart light bulbs and other smart home devices this year.

Realme to launch 5G phones, 5 smart TVs, and more smart speakers in 2021

Realme to launch 5G phones Roadmap 2021

After launching smart TVs, smart home devices and wearable devices in 2020, Realme now plans to expand these categories. In the interview, Madhav Sheth revealed that the company hopes to launch more than 100 products in the AIOT segment. You want to create an ecosystem of products in this category that can be accessed through the Realme Link app. You can expect the release of Realme Buds Air, Buds Q, smart bulbs and upgraded smart TVs in the coming months. The company also has plans to launch Xiaomi’s own smart speakers as well as new smart speakers suited to established players like Amazon and Google.

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The company can also advertise Realme laptops, but this is yet to be confirmed. Madhav Sheth claims that the company has received a lot of inquiries about laptops and smart speakers, so we can expect one or both of these products in India this year. Apart from smart home products, Realme also plans to jump into the home appliance category with the launch of electric juicers, air purifiers, scales and possibly air conditioners.

Realme 5G Phone, Realme X7 Pro 5G, Narzo and Smart TV

The company plans to launch at least five new 5G smartphones this year to strengthen its 5G line in the country. It intends to become the leading 5G phone brand in 2021 after being one of the first brands to launch a 5G phone in India last year with the Realme X50 Pro. First is the Realme X7 Pro 5G series, which is now listed on Flipkart. You can also expect new Narjo devices, and the company plans to launch at least five new smart TVs this year that offer better features and a new design. The goal for Realme is to become the number one smart TV brand online. It is already the fastest growing smart TV brand in India.

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