Senior MPs on Taliban: What have you done for the last four months, Dominic Raab?

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Rajendra Choudhary
Rajendra Choudhary
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A senior Conservative lawmaker has sought to know what Foreign Secretary Dominic Raab was doing about Afghanistan in the months before the Taliban returned to power.

Tom Tugendhat, the chairman of the House of Commons’ foreign affairs committee, has exposed Mr Raab before appearing before lawmakers to question Britain’s preparedness and response to the crisis.

He insisted that the Taliban had “defeated” the Soviet Union and now the Americans, and therefore no longer feared threats from abroad as they did in the past.

“That’s why we need to build alliances in the region and make sure we have real relationships,” he told ITV’s Good Morning Britain.

“I’m very impressed with the German foreign minister who spent the last few weeks going to Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and Tajikistan and building up those relationships or Charles Michel, the president of the European Commission, who since April has been communicating with the neighbours of Afghanistan, getting ready for any potential evacuation.

“I look forward to hearing from my Secretary of State about what he has done over the past four months.”

Asked what he thought the Foreign Secretary would receive foreign aid and help the hundreds of Britons still stranded in Afghanistan, Mr Tugendhat said: “That is why we had a hearing this afternoon.

“Unfortunately, the Secretary of State has only given us an hour, which I don’t think is particularly long given the scale of the crisis.

“But that’s what we need to understand.”

Tobias Ellwood, chairman of the Defense Committee of the House of Commons on behalf of the Conservative Party, also increased the pressure on Raab.


“There are some important questions about the quality of our state craft,” said talk radio.

“The weakness of our own ties to really convince Americans to think something different….. and the quality of our back channels and the strategic insights we have to provide is something we are usually very proud of. “

However, Raab is out of the fight on Tuesday after facing several days of briefing that he faces the ax in Boris Johnson’s next cabinet reshuffle.

He criticized the “buckwheat specialists” and insisted that the State Department had done no better than the FCO during the massive evacuation of nearly 14,000 people from Kabul in recent weeks.

Raab also noted that failures in military intelligence meant that the West had been surprised by the momentum of the Taliban’s seizure of power in Afghanistan.

Moreover, he pointed the finger of blame, at least in part, at the Ministry of Interior and the Ministry of Defense after reports that thousands of emails from people desperate to get out of Afghanistan had not been read.

The foreign minister, who conceded that he should have returned before the holiday in Crete, denied allegations that he had not received regular calls from Afghan and Pakistani ministers during the crisis, because he felt Afghanistan was the “war of tomorrow”.

However, Shadow Secretary of State Lisa Nandy told Radio Times, “The Secretary of State has missed action during this crisis in every way he was prepared for, and as a result, we are in the weakest position I can remember. Country. Depending on the Taliban’s permission to withdraw our citizens from Afghanistan, depending on China and Russia, agreeing to move forward with a joint approach to the Taliban.

“Dominic Raab should have resigned three times now: to stay ashore, to help his department respond to the thousands of cases of Afghans trying to get out of the country,” said Sir Ed Davey, leader of the Liberal Democrats. The fiasco, and the fact that thousands of Afghans who helped our forces, are now stranded.”

Many lawmakers in particular have blamed US President Joe Biden for the Afghan crisis for completing the withdrawal of US forces that Donald Trump agreed with the Taliban.

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