Why did Google show Kannada ugliest language in India in its search engine?

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Google show Kannada ugliest language in India in its search engine. Now this reaction of Google has started to be opposed in India. Kannada speakers and several scholars have slammed search engine giant Google for insulting the historically important language Kannada, which is more than 2000 years old.

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The latest case is just a few days back when Google recently tried to show Kannada ugliest language in India in its search engine, an important language spoken in the south western part of India. After showing Kannada language as the worst language answer, the country saw massive reactions against Google and people also lodged a protest against Google.

Kannada language speakers and many scholars slammed search engine giant Google for insulting India’s historically important language, which is more than 2000 years old in India. According to the pictures shown on social media (like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp) “What is the worst language in India?” The answer to this question was Kannada, but according to a screenshot of the search engine results “Kannada is spoken by about 40 million people in North South India”.

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The government of the Indian state of Karnataka on Thursday strongly condemned this audacity of Google and warned of appropriate action against Google. Arvind Limbavali, Minister of Forest and Kannada and Culture in Karnataka said, “It is a very condemnable thing that Google has insulted Kannada language by calling it the most vulgar language of India if Google or any other Kannada language is contemptuous or If he insults then appropriate action will be taken against him.”

Limbawali also said that the Secretary of the Department has been apprised of the said matter and Google has been directed to issue notice.

Google apologises for ‘ugliest Indian language’ search result

Tech giant Google has removed the said response and apologised, saying that no search results are always accurate and Google also said that it would take a Tabrez corrective action when the concerned team is made aware of the issue. is. Google came and said that Google is always striving to improve its search results and algorithms.

Why did Google show Kannada ugliest language in India?

The search results on Google are algorithm-based and depend on different types of keywords for websites and their online content. When a user searches their keywords, Google’s algorithmic system searches related keywords from various websites and articles on the Internet. Searches for and displays the result in front of the user. Google’s algorithmic system works to such an extent that it displays the most appropriate content related to the user’s keywords as a result.

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This is commonly known as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. That’s why many scholars and experts say that various websites present in the world of internet are the real culprits of all this. These criminal websites may contain keyword related content.

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